Jump 64, Swansea

After repacking, im on the next lift, and this time, im one of the first on the plane, which means ill be one of the last ones out. Once we get to altitude, the first group leave, followed by another group, then a few solos, then im in the door, only 2 people left on the plane, but, i sideways roll out of the door, and im out 🙂

I flip over onto my back, and end up upside down, head first towards the ground. I quickly get stable, and flip over onto my back again, this time i end up in a nearly standing position, so i decide to abandon trying to fly on my back for now, and instead do a few backflips, just because theyre fun :), followed by a few 360 turns, before deploying my canopy at 4000 feet.

The canopy opens, but, im spinning, i look up to see i have one side of the canopy not fully open, but, it looks a lot worse than the usual end cell closure ive been used to seeing, and the spinning seems to be getting harder, swinging me out sideways, I reach up to the steering toggles, grab them both, and give them a hard pull, the end of the canopy pops open, and i level out, with the landing area directly in front of me.

i lose some height before following the landing pattern and landing right next to the flags 🙂

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