Jump 67, Swansea. 2 way

After unexpectedly finding myself in a position where im able to jump today, I obviously get my arse rapidly to the dropzone, VERY late in the afternoon (arrive at 17:30) hoping to jump, and, as i walk through the door, am greeted with “hurry up, wheels off in 5 minutes” YESSS!!! 😀

While im getting kitted up, another jumper asks if i want to do a 2 way jump, yeh, of course, why not 🙂 we quickly get a plan together, practice an exit, then are on the plane. We will be second out. Once its our turn in the door, we link up, head shakes, leg out in out, and out the door we go, and, surprisingly for the pair of us, are stable straight away. We do a few 360 turns, still linked, before seperating at about 10,500 feet (this jump was from 15k). This is where things started to not go as good, but, was nothing like any of my other ‘non solo’ jumps. we managed to stay on pretty much the same level, maybe with 2 or 3 feet between us, but, i was sliding backwards, and we failed to link back up.

At 6,000 feet we waved goodbye to each other as we had agreed to split at 5,500, then turned and tracked away from each other, then i pulled at 4,000 feet.

Once again, i was met with end cell closure on the left side of the canopy, a quick double flare and this was fixed. I hold before starting my landing pattern at around 1000 feet, but, as im doing my crosswind section, i notice that Jane who i jumped with, seems to be already on the floor, but, on her side and not getting up.

I abandon my into wind turning, and carry on crosswind to land as close as possible to her in case shes hurt badly (i can only see her laying on her side on the floor and not moving very much) before making a slow turn at around 150 feet (a guess at the exact height) into the wind, and flare and land, and quickly collapse and gather my canopy whilst half running 50 yards to where she has landed. As im running, she gets up, and when i get there, theres also another jumper close by. She had landed a little fast, and was pulled over by the canopy, so me looking from above, what looked like her laying down in pain, was actually her fighting to colapse a canopy and stop it dragging her across the ground.

We has a 200 yard stroll to meet up with everyone else, and talk about my ‘backsliding’ and to plan the next jump, as soon as we are packed 🙂

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