Jump 70, Swansea

Another backwards exit, followed by some 360 turns and a backflip, flip over onto my back, flip back over, a little bit of tracking before pulling at just under 4000 feet. During the end of my safety count, and just as i feel me start to be pulled upright, i look up to see if the canopy is opening fully, but, i start to turn. Im watching a line twist develop, and thinking to myself ‘ah crap’, I then look back up to the canopy, to once again see its only half opened, and now im thinking ‘oh fook’.

I grab the risers and pull like hell, and start kicking. I know i cant pull the toggles to pop the end cells open untill the twist is gone, I also know that in a few short seconds, if this twist is still there and the canopy isnt fully open, im going to start a hard downward spiral that i WONT be able to control. I look down at my cut away handles, again, for the 3rd time in as many jumps thinking im about to be using them, look back up to the canopy as the twist breaks free, and grab the toggles just as i start to turn and get nearly horizontal, again, and i pump them as hard as i can. ‘Floomph!’ Its open, and once again, my heart is beating like hell.

I sit in the holding area before coming in to land, where i then flare, and get stuck in the long grass, my feet stop dead as soon as they hit it, and over i go, no damage done though :).

Everything packed away, and after speaking with the main rigger at the DZ, the canopy is going to get another inspection, and ive asked for the way im packing to be checked, just in case its something that im doing whilst packing thats causing it not to inflate fully on opening, but for the last few jumps, theres been more adrenaline following the openings than there has been during the freefall :p

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