Jump 71, Swansea

This jump is to check the opening of my canopy after having it all checked over and professionally packed. Its also a friends 100th jump, and if im allowed to take part, will be wearing a pink bikini as well 😀

Everyone who wants to be on the jump is lined up, then theres 4 of us left who havent yet got our FS1 stickers, and, as theres so many other jumpers, none of us can take part in the jump, but we will be on the same lift to see the goings on on the lift to altitude.

My plan for this jump is to get stable with a forward dive on exit, keeping my legs straighter than i have been, and to practise the slow / fast fall positions, i also get in a little bit of tracking, a few seconds stable on my back, before turning into the wind, and at just under 4,000 feet, wave off and throw my pilot chute. I get to 3 on my count and start being pulled upright, i look up, and the canopy is nearly fully inflated, only one cell on each end left to inflate, i reach up and flare, and its fully open, so it looks like its been my method of packing thats been causing the issues with opening., so thats something i need more practise at.

The canopy ride was uneventfull, lining myself up with the landing area, facing into the wind, turning back on myself, and back into wind, before starting my landing pattern at just under 1000 feet, turning crosswind at 600 feet then turning back into the wind on my final approach at 300 feet, and landing perfectly next to the marker flags.

Then walking back to the packing area with a naked guy trying to wrap himself in a canopy………….

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