Jump 73.5, Aborted

After the last jump, i quickly get repacked, checked, and am back on the plane, the plan this time is a solo jump, with my exit being a dive towards the back of the plane, and see if i can get into a stable sitting position.

On the way up, its quite bumpy in the plane, then, as we get to just under 10,000 feet, the plane levels out. This is new, maybe theres heavyy cloud formed above us so we have to jump out lower, a jumps still a jump though, right? 🙂 After a few minutes of circling, its announced that the wind has picked up on the ground, and we are all going back down in the plane.

The ride back down was very quiet, none of the engine noise, just the wind.

The rest of the day was spent watching jump limits bounce up and down from 100-200 jumps, but, due to the size of my canopy, id have not been able to jump again anyway, so spent the day helping out catching tandems

Try again in 3 weeks time, FS1 is calling me 🙂

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