Jump 76, Swansea

After a few hours, the wind calms down, and, im manifested to jump again. Its not going to be a coached jump, but, im going to try and slow fall and fast fall, even though this will be hard to tell if im doing it right without a point of reference like another skydiver, but, ill look at my protrack later to see if it worked or not (which as im typing this, i can tell you that it did).

I did a diving forward exit, into a slightly head down position, and then leveled out, before flipping over onto my back, and trying to get into a sitting position, which instantly failed, so i flipped over onto my front, and tried different body positions for fast and slow falling, before doing a few 360s, and turning into the wind, and throwing my pilot chute at just under 4000 feet.

Thres still a little bit of wind, but, i was able to land uneventfully within 20M of the marker flags, before heading back to the packing area and hoping to be packed in time for the next lift 🙂

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