Jump 77, Swansea

This is going to be the last lift of the day, and, from looking at the sky, theres about 20 minutes untill sunset as we are getting on the plane. Theres going to be 2 passes to let people out, the first at 12,000 feet, for a few new jumpers who have just finished their AFF levels, then for everyone else at a higher altitude.

As the first couple of jumpers are leaving, i see the sun BELOW the plane, and over the sea, its a great sight, we get up to out exit altitude, the first few leave, then im in the door, and roll out. 3 complete forward spins, before opening up stable, and going straight into a perfect backflip. It was that straight all the way through, that i do another one, and then flip over onto my back. I try to do a backflip, starting on my back, but end up going sideways and it just doesnt work for me, so i level out, and do a few 360 turns using only my legs, before facing into the wind, waving off at 4000 feet and deploying my main canopy.

the conopy opens as usual, really slowly, with the end cells closed, but, this time theres also a line twist. the last time this happened, i thought i was going to die. This time i grabbed the risers, calmly, and kicked the twist out, and grabbed the toggles just as i started tipping forward, and flared, which inflated the entire canopy. As im now expecting half a collapsed canopy when i deploy, im primed to react. I practice my cut away procedure before i get on the plane, a few times, while im on the plane, and seconds before exit, just in case though.

After everything is fine with the canopy, i follow the landing pattern, and as i come in on my final approach, the wind drops slightly. I could apply the brakes, but, i know im going to still land close to the flags, so i dont bother, and land just on the edge of the runway. As im used to landing in longish grass, i slightly panic with my flare, and land quite hard, feeling as though ive jumped off a 6 foot wall onto the hard floor, but, its walked off in a few hours

a great end to the day though 🙂

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