Jump 79, Swansea

This weekend is a strange one. Im supposed to have the kids up for the weekend, but, my car is off the road due to failing the MoT, and, the weather is perfect. It can only mean one thing. The FS1 coaching ive been dying to get started, has to start this weekend.

I get to the dropzone, and the coaches are tied up, so, i plan on doing a solo jump, when another jumper arrives, and we plan to jump together, the plan is to simply stay level, and link with each other, then grip on each others legs, then back to arms, and back to legs, throughout the freefall.

We practise our exit, before getting on the plane, and enjoying the views on the way up. We will be first out of the door, so once the lights are on, we get into the door, then, jump.

We get nice and stable, and release, and, as per normal, im above. Lucy who i jumped with, then crosses underneath me, and this is something ive not had happen before, but, even though im falling at around 120 mph, i dropped. i felt myself fall, for a split second, as the air pressure was taken away from underneath me.

We eventually caught back up with each other, at just above 6000 feet, in time to touch gloves, before splitting at 5000 feet and tracking away from each other, where i then waved off at 4000 feet, and deployed my pilot chute at 3500 feet

My canopy opened as slowly as usual, a tug on the rear risers popped open the end cells, before an uneventfull descent to the landing area

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