Jump 80, Swansea. FS1 C1

Finally, Ive got an FS1 coach jump manifested, YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

The plan for the jump is to check out my fall rate. I explain that im always ‘left behind’ when i jump with other people, and the only jump ive done on level with someone else was my AFF, when i wore a weight belt, or with another jumper, who is also tall and thin like myself.

We plan our exit, go through the positions for fast and slow falling, before getting on the plane, ready to put it into practise 🙂

A group go before us, then we are in the door. Im on the outside, hanging on to the bar on the inside of the door, I give the signal that im ready, then leg out, in and out we go. Somethings instantly not right, and i dont know what, but, we get stable, and release. We stay pretty level, slow and fast falling, before splitting at 5000 feet, i turn and track, wave off at 4000 feet and open at 3500, before another uneventfull descent and landing.

During the debrief of the jump, I knew something was wrong from the very secondd we left the plane, and worked out that i used the wrong leg for the out-in-out, which meant i was presented to the wind wrong on exit, this will be remembered for next time 🙂

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