Jump 82, Swansea. FS1 C2

After an hour or so the bad neck from the last opening has gone, so, I get myself manifested. The plan for this jump is to go through the fast / slow fall again. So again, im on the outside of the plane, i give the signal, but, once i start the leg signal, i realise that something is not right, but, a second later, we are out of the plane. Forget about the exit for now, and get stable, which we do, before seperating.

Ant drops down, and i fast fall to drop down to him. He rises above me, and i open up as much as i can, but dont seem to be slowing to get level at first, untill eventually, we are level, Ant drops down, and i drop no problem, he goes up, and again, i struggle to get to his level. We split at 5000 feet, and i track away, before opening at just under 4000 feet.

A few small patches of cloud are drifting about at around 2000 feet, and from my last experience of being inside a cloud under canopy, i go around the outside of one thats between me and the landing area. This time i leave it a bit later to approach the landing area, over the top of the tandem area just like last time, and land with no problems or fear of running out of space.

During the debrief, i realised that the error i made on exit was i started with my leg going in, instead of out, this meant that instead of my 1, 2, 3 being out, in ,launch, it was in, out, oh crap thats not right, then gone. Its at this moment that I realise that im actually intimidated by the door, especially the hanging on the outside of it. Im not scared of falling, thats the whole point, but, theres just something about the wind and the noise. So, after a chat, im manifested and ready to go up again, briefed on a better position for slow falling, and ready to ‘Boss the door’

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