Jump 83, Swansea, FS1 C3

Coached jump number 3, and this time im ready for the door. I have practised my slow falling position, and the plan is i do big confident moves in the door prior to a linked launch, get stable, then i will have to slow fall to get up to the level of Ant, the coach. From now on during coached jumps, i will be wearing extra weight to increase my falling speed, and ill probably buy a belt for when im jumping with other people, as ive always been left above other people, and it seems i naturally fall quite slowly (compared to other people).

We get up to jump altitude, the green light is on, and i climb out of the door, I hold on, tight, Ant takes grips on my arms, i shake (which is the first part of the signal for about to go), im looking at my left leg, i throw it out of the plane, theor it back in, and look up as i throw it back out, whilst also launching myself away from the plane, and pulling Ant with me, and, we are out of the plane. We tumble but get stable, and seperate.

Ant rises above me, i turn 90 degrees, with my head sideways and looking up, and open my body up, and im on the same level, YESSSSS. Ant rises again, and again, i turn, to change my body position, open up and get level. We do this 4 times, before seperating at 5000 feet, i track away, and pull at just under 4000 feet. As its later in the day, we are back on the northern landing area, with a nice normal uneventfull landing.

During the debrief, I was told that i did everything that i should, and, i completley owned the door and launch, but, as i was looking at my leg, instead of the coach, i missed his signal for not quite being ready, but, by the time i looked at him, i was already half way out of the door. It wasnt anything major, a 3rd jumper was going to follow us out, which he did 2 seconds later, but, he still needed that extra second before we launched.

A good few jumps though where ive learned a few new skills 🙂

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