Jump 84, Swansea. FS1 C4

FS1 coached jump number 4.

Over the last few jumps, ive shown that i can fly forwards, backwards, fall faster downwards, slow my fall rate to travel upwards in releation to another jumper, and during this, keep falling vertically. This jump will be my first go at ‘side sliding’ or, flying my body sideways.

The plan is, exit the plane in the same manner as the last jump, but, keeping eye contact, then once we are level and release, i will turn 90 degrees, and link up, then 180 degrees, and link up, but, if i drift away while turning, then im to fly sideways to where i need to be.. simple, right?

We get to jump altitude, im outside the door, i give a shake, Ant nods,leg thrown out, in and out we go. We turn over but get stable, and release. I turn 90 degrees, and we dock, and release. Ant then slides backwards slightly for me to slide in, and this is where i brain farted. I just couldnt get the co-ordination between arms and legs right to go sideways. At one point i turned 180 degrees so fast that i nearly flipped myself over, but recovered, then, just as i got the hang of sideways, we are out of time, and approaching 5000 feet, so i wave away, turn and track, before levelling out and pulling at 3500 feet.

During the debrief, and watching the video, i could see what i looked like while i was trying to get myself co-ordinated, and it looked like i was doing the 80s robot dance, in freefall, this will need a little bit of practise 🙂

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