Jump 86, FS, erm, nope

The plan for this jump was an FS coach jump, to once again practise the side sliding, but, during the plane ride on the way up, it could be seen that some nasty looking cloud was on its way in, so, those with enough experience (of which i was included, yay) were given the option, jump at 5000 feet, or go back down with the plane. At first, i thought id go back down with the plane, for the simple reason to keep my jump numbers DOWN, and not get closer to my 100th jump, but, then thought ‘sod it, its a freebie’ so, i dived out of the plane, rolled onto my back, rolled back onto my front, and pulled, and was open by about 3700 feet.

The wind had picked up a little bit, so on my final approach to land, didnt cover as much ground as i thought i would, and landed in the dead center of the runway (cross the runway to land) to i gathered my canopy as fast as i could, and run, as i didnt know if the plane was going to land on the northern runway, that i was on, or the southern one

a fun and unexpected end to the day though 🙂

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