Jump 87, FS1 C5

FS1 coached jump number 5, with Ant.

For this jump, we are trying a new exit. Linked by only one arm, me on the inside, but also with me giving the signal for the exit, and, again, this is to practise side sliding.

We get to 12000 feet, Ant gets on the outside of the door this time, we link left arms, i push my right arm out, in and out we go, arch my body hard, we are vertical with me looking straight down at Ant, then we level off, get stable, and release, and stay level. Ant goes sideways, and i try to follow, but I turn, i get straight again, then follow. Ant goes sideways again, and i go sideways, but then turn, and we repeat this a few times, but, im still turning 3/4 of the time at some point during the slide. we turn and track away from each other at 5000 feet, before leveling out at 4000 feet and deploying at 3500 feet

I get the usual end cell closure during opening, i havent mentioned it during the write up of the last few jumps, as i now think of it as normal, but, i have started simply pulling down on the rear risers, instead of fumbling for the toggles in a hurry, to get the end cells inflated, and enjoying an uneventfull canopy ride back down, to get packed up and manifested to do it all over again 🙂

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