Jump 88, FS1 C6

FS1 coached jump number 6, with Ant.

This will be to practise side sliding again, but, this time, Ant is going to stay put untill after i have moved, then he will come to me, we are also going to do an unlinked exit, and, im worried about going unstable during the exit (which is common and why i normally roll out of the door) and what if im then unable to find him in the sky.

We get to altitude, and Ant gets on the outside of the door, we nod, he throws his leg out, in and as he goes out, i also dive out, towards the wing of the plane, the wind catches under my chest, and i stay stable, turn in place, and ant is directly in front and below me 😀

I drop to his level, and we link up, before letting go, and Ant points left, and, i slide left, where he comes to me, he points right, and, i turn, so i turn back, and try again, then, i slide right, we continue this, with me still turning a little when im not meant to, right down to 5000 feet, where we then turn, and track away from each other, and deploy canopies at just under 3500 feet.

A nice slow opening on the canopy, with me hanging off the rear risers to inflate the end cells, followed by an uneventfull ride down to the southern PLA

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