Jump 89, FS1 C7

FS1 coached jump number 7, with Ant.

The plan for this jump is turns in place, and side sliding.

We get to 12000 feet, and repeat the last unlinked exit, Ant starts the key, out, in, and out we go, again with me diving towards the wing, before turning and coming down to Ant, stable throughout, and we link up. I then turn 90 degrees, as Ant slides backwards, and i slide to him, where he grips my arm and leg. He lets go, slides backwards, i turn 180 degrees, and slide to him again, and we repeat this. At one point i slide too far too fast, and crash into him, but we recover and carry on, untill breaking away at 5500 feet, and tracking, untill deployment at 3500 feet, followed by another nice slow opening, and ride down to the southern PLA

During the debrief of this jump (at the end of the days jumping) I was told that as i was sliding sideways, i was also back sliding, so thats something for me to be aware of sorting out

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