Jump 90, Sunset solo

After watching the sky since the last jump, im manifested for what i believe will be the last lift. Theres not been any sort of call to get ready for the next lift yet, but i know theres only 40 minutes of left untill the sun is over the horizon, so, i start to get geared up. Some of the students notice this, and ask if theres been a call, i tell them there hasnt, but i want to be geared up ready ‘just in case’.

10 minutes later, theres a call ‘anyone who isnt ready to board in 4 minutes doesnt get on the lift’ and 4 seconds later, im ready for checks 😀

its going to be a solo jump, but, i want to get this side sliding nailed, and im going to somehow practise it, alone.

We get to 12500 feet, and after a few exit the plane, i leave, with the same dive to the wing exit, and its perfectly stable, like the last 3 times, i think ive now found a new exit instead of the rolling exit.I look down, and im above the northern runway, so, i position myself so im straight along the runway, and try to slide. I have no idea if im moving sideways, im 2.5 miles above something 100 yards wide, but, im not turning. i return to a neutral position, and try to slide the other way, and start to turn (my body seems to have issues with ‘left’) so i correct this, so im straight with the runway again, and continue this untill 6000 feet. at 5000 feet, i turn 90 degrees, and track, untill 400 feet, where i slow down, and deploy at 3500 feet

my canopy slowly opens, and this is where i now notice the sun, peeking out from a very low band of cloud in the distance, and just vanishing into the sea, as a blood red disc, below me, in the distance, shimmering where its edges meet the horizon. Its views like this where i wish i had a camera.

The intensity of the freefall, the transition to the canopy ride, the peacefullness of the canopy ride itself, is all blown away by a simple sunset viewed vanishing into the sea, simple words, and probably a picture, couldnt describe it, and makes me wish i had done a high hop and pop.

An excellent end, to a brilliant days jumping 🙂

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