Jump 92, 5k hop n pop

Canopy course jump 1.

Today im on a canopy course to not only help with accurate and consistent landings, but also to learn more about actual canopy control, and each jump has some classroom time before, and a debrief after, with landings filmed.

For the first jump, its to see how long the canopy takes to ‘recover’ after performing an action. Hard flares and hard turns are the exercise, and being aware of the recovery between each move.

At 5000 feet, i jump out, towards the wing, as i know ive been stable like this for the last few jumps, and remain stable, as i reach to deploy i wobble a little, but its no problem. The canopy opens nice and slow, i pump the end cells open, complete my checks, and flare, hard, everything stops, i let go of the flare, and surge forward, and take about 5 seconds to level out. Once im level, i do a hard 360 turn, the hardest ive ever turned on this canopy, before leveling out, and this takes a little longer to recover. I repeat this 2 more times, before setting myself up in the landing pattern at just over 1000 feet, where i land within a few feet of the flags 🙂

On the video debrief, its the first time ive seen a video of my landing, it actually looks better than it feels 🙂

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