Jump 93, 5k hop n pop

Canopy course jump 2.

The plan for this jump i to find the canopies ‘sweet spot’, this is the toggle position where you are no longer traveling downward, and only moving forward, for a short time.

I exit at 5000 feet, but go unstable and flip over, i quickly recover, get stable, and deploy, pump up the end cells, carry out my checks, and prepare to start. I need to look at the front of the canopy, but, my slider is in the way, so, for the first time ever, i reach up, and collapse my slider, and i can now see clearly.

I pull on the toggles a few times to work out just the right amount needed, let the canopy recover, then pull, and hit the spot, i repeat this another 2 times. I then repeat this, while looking straight ahead, then look at the canopy when i think its right, and do this a total of 3 times. Next, i check all around me, and close my eyes, and repeat the process, and, im in the right place :).

Im now just under 2000 feet, so i prepare myself for getting into the landing pattern. At about 700 feet i realise theres somebody catching me up, so i cut short my approach to the flags, and land about 150 yards further away, to ensure theres loads of room between us on the final approach.

I try to ‘hit the sweet spot’ just before my flare, but seem to land very hard, but, on the video it looks fine, i guess its something ill need to practise

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