Jump 94, 7k hop n pop

Canopy course jump 3.

After being briefed for this jump, newer jumpers like myself are a little excited, we have to spiral, and this is not allowed at swansea, but, for this jump only, we have to get some speed into the canopy, by completing 3x full hard turns (spiraling) then as we exit the final turn, hit ‘the sweet spot’ of the canopy.

We climb to 7000 feet, i exit nice and stable, and deploy, pump up the end cells, carry out my checks, ensure all around, and below me is clear, and i bury one toggle as far as itll go.

Im thrown sideways, and things are getting fast, ive never done this before, but, its great fun, as i level out, things are pretty fast compared to what im used to, and the sweet spot is also now a lot higher on the toggles. I get to do this 3 times in total 😀

Next i have to fly on half brakes, quarter brakes, and on 3/4 brakes, where everything is very slow. During this, ive also changes how i ‘hang’ in the harness, im now ‘sitting’ in it instead, by adjusting the leg straps, and i can turn the canopy by lifting and lowering my legs

At 1000 feet, i get into the landing pattern, and again, find the landing a little hard trying to get level before flaring,

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