Jump 96, solo & canopy work

This jump will be trying out a few things in freefall and under canopy. I exit the plane, pick my heading, then do a small track, but arching myself upwards, instead of keeping straight. I then level out, pick a reference on the ground, and practise side sliding, before another small track at 5000 feet, waving off at 4000 and deploying at 3,500 feet.

Under canopy, i fly in half brakes for nearly all of the flight, turning by either letting one toggle up (elevation turns) or by pulling one toggle even further down (depression turns) but never flying above half brakes.

After entering the landing pattern, the final approach will once again take me over the top of the tandem landing area, but, i notice that a tandem is coming up behind me, and is descending faster than me. I decide to abort the patern, and instead turn away from the landing area, for a straight down the side of the runway landing. I know this is going to put me about 200 yards away from the flags, but, i simply dont know the procedure for a situation like this, so instead of trying to make something up and land close, id rather be safe and have a small walk. I land fine, gather up my canopy and stroll up the side of the runway.

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