Jump 97, solo & canopy work

Just like the last jump, this will be to pracitse stuff in freefall as well as under canopy.

I do a rolling exit, and open up stable, i pick a reference on the ground, then practise side sliding, fast and slow falling, and moving forwards and backwards, all without turning. I wave off at 4,500 feet and deploy at 4000. Once my canopy is open and ive done my checks, i simulate a break fire by stalling the canopy using the rear risers, and as the canopy pops back open, i release one break toggle. This starts the canopy turning, but, as im on quite a large canopy, its not an aggressive turn. I carry out an emergency drill practise, twice, before reaching up for the rear riser and pulling on it to cancel out the turn.

I then stall the canopy again, recover it, and as one break is out, it starts to turn, i practise my emergency drills, before reaching up for both toggles, and get things back under control, and heading for the approach to the landing pattern.

This time im not avoiding tandems and land nice and close to the flags 🙂

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