Jump 99, solo

Like the last jump write up, this is being typed a couple of weeks later. The exit was a rolling tumble outof the door, and tried to open stable on my back, which didnt quite work as planned. I tried to get stable on my back, but kept losing control. At 6000 feet i decided to get myself nice and stable, and tracked into the wind, before levelling out and deploying my main canopy at 3500 feet. The canopy opened with the usual end cells collapsed, and a few pumps of the lines popped them open, and i turned towards the landing area, and held that line all the way back.

At about 500 feet i realise im not going to clear a patch of rough ground, with a few small trees, so apply a little more brake to land in the small clear grass before it, its still in the landing zone, so wont be landing off the drop zone. I hold the brakes, and land right on the very edge, and as i flare, my foot gets caught in the longer grass on the edge, and i face plant into the taller wet grass, and the canopy collapses on top of me

A fun jump with a wet ending, itook the canopy home without packing it to leave it drying out

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