On hold

As the winds have picked up a little during the last jump, theres now a jump limit in place, 50 jumps (which is no longer an issue for me) but, no canopies bigger than a 210, and, i jump a 220.

Yes, as ive jumped a 220 enough times i could probably hire the club 190, and get my first FS coached jump in, but, i really dont want to jump a new smaller canopy for the first time in these conditions, so, ill sit it out.

Whilst ‘chillaxing’ and talking about all sorts of stuff, the subject of radios and communications comes up, and, the next thing i know, im on my way to another ‘tick in a box’ and have all the paperwork in front of me for the BPA radio operator rating. Heres where being a slight geek nearly 20 years ago has paid off. I spent a few years growing up on the CB radio, i know my phonetics, my 10’s and a little of the QSK and DX’ers speak as well, so, the written and oral exam was a breeze.

The paperwork was all signed (which i managed to get a look at, and was happy with the 100% score) and now have to wait to get an appointment for the CAA exam for the main license to be authorised (if i pass)

So not a wasted afternoon on hold. The last time i spent an afternoon on hold, all of the briefings for my B license happened, so every windy cloud has a silver lining afterall……

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