Packing, packing & more packing

In order to get good at packing, you need to practice lots, and in order to get a B license, you need a packing certificate, so, as part of these, i have to be introduced to some of the problems that can arise when packing, things all twisted and tangled up etc, and be able to recognise them, and sort them out. So, after the initial packing course that i did a few weeks ago, i now need to do 25 supervised packing jobs, with more complex ‘issues’ introduced at 3 stages as i progress. Today, i got 19 of my 25 supervised packs signed off, as well as ‘twists’ and ‘step through’ signed off. My next ‘issue’ is ‘entanglements’ then another 5 supervised packs, then ill be tested. I also got to ‘break in’ my new packing puller that i received free with my helmet, these things are like gold dust, especially when new, so this has my name on it, and lives in my pocket :). Hopefully next friday, when im on another packing session, ill be posting to say ive done the test 🙂

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