OK, so the plan for 2018 is going to be to cover distance walking, hiking, jogging, running, jeffing, all on foot. First i thought ‘yep, i can do 500k’, and entered myself into an online challenge to cover 500k on foot in 2018. Then i thought well if im going to do 500k, i may as well do 500 miles, then thought that if im doing 500 miles, then 1000k isnt really that much further, then i thought well if im going to go for 1000k, then why not go for the challenge of 1000 miles. I dont know what possessed me to add 2018 miles to the sheet, but, its there now, so we will see what happens.

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The plan has now changed. The plan is to cover 2018 miles (3229 km) on foot, in 2018 to raise £2018 (or more) for Macmillan Cancer Support. This is the equivalent of walking from Cardiff to Istanbul.

Please help by making a donation, no matter how small, via the Justgiving service here, Remember that UK tax payers can also add Giftaid to their donation. You can also click the red banner above to donate.

Everything will be updated daily on a dedicated Facebook page, click the banner to be taken there.

Distance will be tracked using a GPS enabled smartwatch and the Samsung S-Health app, and manually entered into the spreadsheet and virtual map website the following day. A screenshot of each days complete distance will also be uploaded to online storage to enable independent checking or verification of any given days distance

This spreadsheet is created from a live working spreadsheet that i created in Google sheets. Each day, I will update the main sheet with the distance covered the previous day, and this overview sheet will then get updated. I have entered myself into online challenges as extra motivation to hit targets.

A Virtual map has been created, which will also log how far id have covered, you can see the progress by visiting My virtual mission here.