Shiney new helmet

With being 75% of the way to my B license, ill soon be able to wear a full face helmet (like a motorbike crash helmet, with visor etc) so ive been keeping an eye out for a bargain, as these generally cost £300-400 new, or around £180-220 second hand in good condition. So, xmas money has been kept to one side, and today, while browsing facebook, a Parasport Z1 helmet, like new, im my size, got posted for sale, and i was able to reply within 90 seconds of it being posted 🙂 i managed to get it for 1/3 of the retail price, which meant that i had a little xmas money left over, then 20 minutes later, a ‘time-out’ audible alitmeter, with visual indicator was posted, for £20, which i also snapped up. this now gives me a full face helmet with visor, my normal open face helmet, 2 audible altimeters, one of which is a small computer that logs everything, my hand mounted analogue altimeter,3 different sets of goggles, 2 different types of jumpsuit (one with grips), 2 different sets of gloves and numerous different thermal options to keep most parts of me warm, and a few other random bits and bobs

all i need now, is my own rig


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