Skydive, The Expo, the bar queues

Skydive the expo, hundreds of skydivers, thousands of stories, nowhere near enough bar staff.

This was my 2nd expo. We drove up from south wales to nottingham on the friday, booked into the hotel, went for food, then queued at the bar whilst talking to other skydivers. This was a common routine for the whole weekend, but, in amounst all of this, there was speeches from developers, experts, sales people, world champions, bar managers (apologizing), and all sorts of people, it was a brilliant event.

I met Mel, who i knew from the uk skydiver forum, who for a long time i had assumed was a middle aged guy, but who is actually a young woman, who was inspired to skydive after reading this very blog, which makes this whole blog suddenly mean a lot more to me (but its still taken me 6 weeks to get around to typing up this post lol). So, if a guy my age, can inspire a girl mel’s age to start skydiving just from this blog, and youre reading this thinking ‘can i really do this?’ then the answer is ‘OF COURSE YOU CAN!!’

Get out there and give it a go, and if ive inspired you a bit, buy me a beer at the next expo, but, be warned, the queue is horrific

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