The trip to Empuriabrava, Spain

the night before the 10:30am flight, i make my way to south wales, stay at ‘mums hotel’ ready for a 5:30 taxt to cardiff, followed by a 2 hour shuttle coach to bristol airport, wait round for a bit, get the plane, get straight through at the other end, then wait to meet scotty, and wait a bit more, then wait a little longer, start to feel nervous, more waiting, nearly an hour, think ‘oh crap’ and start looking through my phone if i have any numbers stored, thinking that ive only seen 2 pics of scotty, ad he doesnt know what i look like, what if ive missed him, then, out he walks, PHEW!!! relief. We wait to meet with another student, then head for the train(s) to empuriabrava, one metro shuttle train (rammed full of people and pickpockets) then a leisurly slow train to figures. From here, scotty has already arranged for us all to be picked up, and driven to empuriabrava, right to the dropzone, collect some stuff, then driven to the accomodation, which is just around the corner, a lovely appartment, with views over a lake, 30 seconds from a nice little food place and supermarket, 3 mins from a bar, and 4 mins from the dropzone, perfect location.

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