weather sucks

after nearly 3 weeks of lush weather, but, due to my circumstances i was unable to jump, this weekend was THE weekend where i was planning on banging out my FS1. 3 days, all to myself, planned purely for jumping, and, what happens, my luck sucks, as usual, and the weather turns $H!T. I was hoping to be on as many 15k lifts as possible today, being friday, but instead, im sat here at a keyboard, typing my way through a crate of Denmarks finest 😀

The weather tomorrow also means that there will be no jumping, but, on sunday, I aim to be there for the first lift, I hope to be on the last lift, and to be on as many in between as possible.

FS1 from start to finish in a day, i highly doubt it, but, itll be a start, and my next ‘jumping weekend’ is the august bank holiday weekend. I was hoping to get some tunnel time then do FS1, but as the dates have worked out i wont be able to, so heres hoping that the forcasted ‘august long heatwave’ actually happens

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